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Monument Types – Acton Monument Company, Inc.

There are several different types of monuments and options such as: colors, etching, flat markers, slant faces and traditional.
At Acton Monument Company, we consult with you to determine your exact needs and then we design and install family monuments.

Traditional Headstones

These are typically a two piece memorial consisting of an upright tablet and a base. They can be any shape and have any carving, etching, or lettering on them.

Flush Markers

Flush Markers lay flush with the ground and are generally 24 inches x 12 inches, but can larger or smaller depending on cemetery requirements.

Slant Markers

These stand typically 18 to 24 inches above ground, with the back straight vertical, and the front sloping at about a 45 degree angle.

Monolith Tablet

A one piece memorial stone usually made of thinner stock to resemble colonial style tablets.


Benches made out of gra nite can serve as an alternative to traditional monuments. They can also be used in park settingsor on private property.